Complete E-Commerce Management

Last Update Feb 27th, 2024

About This Course

This is private training for This course is not available for enrolment unless you are authorized by a Representative of RealWigs. Do not enrol for this course as your refund will only go to your wallet balance which can be used to enrol for other classes.

Learning Objectives

The skills and resources to manage and operate

Target Audience



16 Lessons3h 35m

1. Introduction To RealWigs Website Management

Introduction to the course
Introduction to Managing RealWigs0:57Preview
Website Development vs Website Management1:16
How RealWigs is Built2:51

2. Introduction to WordPress

First walkthrough content management system, WordPress.

3. Introduction to WooCommerce

First look at the e-Commerce System

4. Products Management

5. Order Management

6. Optimizing Website

7. Newsletters

Email marketing walkthrough

Your Instructors

IT Consultant

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