Newbie Techster: Switching Career Roadmap

Last Update Apr 24th, 2024

About This Course

This course is a beginner eye-opener for a newbie switching careers to Tech or enthusiasts struggling to establish themselves in the Tech world. First walkthrough the concept of the web, the internet, and building a career; we will go from zero knowledge to fully grasping the fundamental concepts that will help familiarise you with Website development and Digital marketing in the “no-code” and Artificial Intelligence (AI) world.


Learning Objectives

Truly understand websites
How the web works
Types of website
How websites are built
How websites get to the internet

Target Audience

  • Anybody who is curious about the internet
  • Everyone venturing into Tech
  • Aspiring Website developer
  • Aspiring Digital Marketer
  • A Website owner or intending to own a website/online business


20 Lessons

1. Introduction and Overview

Training Overview00:00:52

2. Inside The World of TechBro/TechSis

3. Get Familiar With The Internet

4. Quick Introduction to No-code Website Development

5. Quick Introduction to Digital Marketing

6. Introducing Skills on TekTrain

7. Feedback & Recommendations

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